Movie Quiz: How Clichéd Is Your Main Teen Character?

1. Appearance-wise, I can be described as:
a) Average
b) Plain but with great makeover potential
c) Attractive if I just upgraded my wardrobe and ditched the heavy eyeliner

2. My suburban house:
a) Is pretty unremarkable
b) Could not be picked out of a police lineup of neighborhood residences.
c) Has a flawless exterior, velvety green landscaping, a pool and a multi-car garage containing several expensive cars.

3. The climate can best be described as:
a) Warm in the summer months; cold in the winter
b) Sunny every morning; with birds chirping regardless of month
c) Always sunny and pleasant except when a tragedy is taking place

4. My parents’ various issues affect me in the form of:
a) Finding excuses to stay away from home
b) Twice a week sessions with a sympathetic shrink
c) Illegal and antisocial behavior that may bring me in contact with the law

5. My mom is newly single again, and she
a) Is working more than ever, since our family income has since decreased.
b) Asks me for tips on her dating site profile.
c) Has frank talks about exceedingly awkward subjects.

6. My crush:
a) Attends my school
b) Bisects my path once or twice a day.
c) Lives next door, and we used to run around the yard naked as toddlers

7. It’s my senior year, and I’m applying to:
a) A reach school and a couple of safeties
b) One school only, and it’s an Ivy League one
c) No schools in particular, I’m just going to decide what to do after graduation.

8. My attitude toward popularity is:
a) It is what it is.
b) College will be a great time to make up for my deficits in this area in high school.
c) Since it’s senior year, I’m going to make every minute count!

9. A classmate tells me there’s a big party, and I should go. Next, I
a) Ask when and where it will be.
b) Get the details online or from a friend.
c) Say, “Great!” because I automatically know all the particulars.

10. My favorite teacher __
a) Often chats with me about non-academic subjects.
b) Is so attractive that we may just breach age barriers to get together.
c) Gives me a long-term assignment that seems impossible, but in the end, has amazing relevance to my personal life.

11. Because my mom doesn’t want me to go out on the night of the party, I _____
a) Tell her I’ll be staying at a friend’s.
b) Sneak out by climbing down the trellis and get a ride from a friend.
c) Sneak out and decide to take the sports car that my dad loves more than me because why not complicate things needlessly?

12. When I finally get together with my crush, for our first date. I choose:
a) The movies or a family style restaurant.
b) A baseball game where I catch a fly ball and give it to my date.
c) A romantic dinner in my house complete with rose petals on the carpet and a gazillion lit candles.

13. For the prom, I ____
a) Rent/buy a normal looking outfit.
b) Go to the thrift shop and remake an outfit into something totally outrageous.
c) Not only wear an outrageous outfit but make an impromptu speech about values which is roundly applauded.

14. But just as everything is going great, I stumble upon what looks like some kind of encounter between my crush and my worst enemy. So I_
a) Take a deep breath and realize it’s probably nothing to get upset about.
b) Ask my crush later on in a rational way what’s going on.
c) Be immediately seized with a feeling of horror and doom, and decide to skip town by taking a plane to someplace far, far away.

15. As I prepare to board the plane, my biggest concern is___
a) Getting through security and finding my seat.
b) The weather conditions which are looking ominous.
c) My crush, who is attempting to get close enough to declare his/her eternal love.

16. And in the end,
a) I board and leave without incident.
b) I get a call, but because I am currently being frisked, I let it go to voice mail.
c) My crush succeeds in persuading the entire line of people boarding to let him/her go to the front and tell me that I am the only person in the world for him/her, whereupon everyone starts applauding, and we then live happily ever after.

If you answered mostly b’s and c’s, congratulations, you have succeeded in creating a classical teen movie cliché of a character.



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