Movie Review: Bridget Jones’ Baby

Dear Diary:

Caffeine units: 1 small (tall) latte with skim milk and two sugars

Popcorn units: 2 1/2 cups (modest estimate)

Calories: (don’t ask; work off tomorrow!)

Today, I went to see “Bridget Jones’ Baby.” Boy, has Renee Zellweger had some serious plastic surgery done, since the prequel (Bridget Jones’ Diary). However, she’s back and more than game for more, whether that’s lip synching to House of Pain’s “Jump Around,” in the opening scene, or falling ass over teakettle into the mud at a music festival. Saw movie with mostly middle aged and young women. Undoubtedly all there to swoon for Colin Firth (note to self: Why does he always look vaguely constipated?), who plays the modern day Mark Darcy, with who she once was serious about but who has since parted ways. Probably not there just to watch Patrick Dempsey who plays the other man in Renee’s life, with whom she sleeps in a short span of time along with Colin and thus becomes pregnant, though not technically together with either. Awkward! Last saw Colin turning ninja and taking out a church full of rednecks in “Kingsman: The Secret Service.” Always good to see him again, even wearing that expression for most of the movie. As for Patrick, remember him when he had a hair like a Brillo pad and was riding around on his lawnmower in “Can’t Buy Me Love.” Blast from the past. Makes me feel ancient. Plays a millionaire who discovered an algorithm for matchmaking. At least he didn’t pay anyone to pose as his girlfriend this time.

Luckily, Renee, who has just turned 43 and has a great job at news station, manages to secure the support of both men, both of whom are good sports, and agree to stick around. Her father (Jim Broadbent) is supportive although he has confesses that he has never quite been sure if Renee is his (!). Her mum (Gemma Jones) is less thrilled, as she is running for state council on a family values platform (however, she does come around). String of wacky high jinks occur as Bridget deals with pregnancy and other issues like a new millennial boss who wants to entirely change the station format. Many amusing scenes centered around Emma Thompson, as Renee’s primary doctor, who gamely plays along in Renee’s early days of not quite being straight with either “father.” Last saw Emma being Robert Redford’s buzzkill in “A Walk in the Woods.” Good to see her in a role that fully uses her comedic talents. Anyway, the movie, while quite funny, falls back on that old trope in which the heroine’s water breaks when she is far, far from the hospital, meaning that there’s quite a lot of mishaps on the way to the delivery room. However, all ends well. Gemma’s character even broadens her mind – and thus, wins her position. All quite sweet.




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