2016 Random Movie Awards

Most Cringeworthy Tagline
Swiss Army Man: “We all need some body to lean on.”

Most Gratuitous Punctuation in a Film Title
“Everybody Wants Some!!”
Runner-up: “Hail, Caesar!”

Most Humorous (Possible) Confusion of Film Title
“Weiner” a documentary about disgraced politician Anthony Weiner, which was released
near the time of “Weiner Dog,” the Todd Solondz sequel to “Welcome to the Dollhouse”

Best Overall Use of Eighties’ Hits
“Eddie the Eagle”
Runner-up: “Everybody Wants Some!!”

Best Lip Synch Scene
Renee Zellweger doing House of Pain’s “Jump Around,” in the opening of “Bridget Jones’s Baby”

Best Dance Number
“No Dames” in “Hail, Caesar!”

Best “Impromptu” Dance Number
Cast of “Everybody Wants Some!” doing “Cotton Eyed Joe”
Runner-up: Jason Bateman and Olivia Munn in “Office Christmas Party”

Most Sympathetic Movie Physician Ever
Emma Thompson in “Bridget Jones’s Baby”

Most Entertaining Olympic Commentator
Jim Broadbent in “Eddie the Eagle”

Best Sidekick
Dan Fogler in “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”
Runner-up: Akiva Schaeffer in “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping”

Best Non-Human Sidekick
The Nifler in “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”
Runner-up: The turtle in”Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping”

Most Unconvincing Undercover Spy
Brad Pitt in “Allied”

Most Parental Child
Angourie Rice in “The Nice Guys”

Having the Worst Year Character-Wise
George Clooney – First, he’s drugged and kidnapped by Communists in “Hail, Caesar!” then gets assaulted by irate Josh Brolin after he’s rescued. In “Money Matters,” he plays a TV financial show host who’s taken hostage on stage but considered expendable by the police when capturing the perp.

Best Kept Cool Under Pressure
Julia Roberts in “Money Matters”

Worst Friend Ever
Matthew Lewis in “Me Before You,” who winds up marrying his paralyzed best friend’s (Sam Claflin’s) ex-girlfriend.

Worst Roommate Ever
Will Brittain in “Everybody Wants Some!!”

Best Sport (Human)
Mark Strong in “The Brothers Grimsby.”

Best Sport (Non-Human) 
The elephant in “The Brothers Grimsby.”

Best Sport (Musical Group)
Chumbawamba which allowed their hit “Tubthumping” to be used in “The Brothers Grimsby” (in which Sascha Baron Cohen puts a lit firecracker where the sun don’t shine and mugs.)

Biggest WTF Casting
“The Bronze,” in which Cecily Strong – a whopping seven years older -plays the mom of Haley Lu Richardson

Fastest Growing Fanfiction Not Associated With A Franchise
“The Nice Guys” (around 40 in Archive of Your Own in two months; 70 by 2016 end)

Best Cameo
Bill Murray in “Ghostbusters 2016”
Runner-up: Dan Akroyd in “Ghostbusters 2016”

Most Overdone Product Placement
The Apple Store in “The Meddler”

Best Product Placement
Pringles in “Ghostbusters 2016” as Kate McKinnon comments, “Just try saying no to these salty parabolas! ”

Best Sneaking Past Security Scene
Runner-up: “Now You See Me 2”

Most Awkward First Date
Andrew Garfield and Teresa Palmer in “Hacksaw Ridge”

Most Awkward Quasi First Date
Casey Affleck and Jami Tennille in “Manchester By the Sea”

Most Athletic Sex Scene
Melissa Rauch and Sebastian Stan in “The Bronze”

You Picked the Wrong Day to Visit New York Award
“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”
Runner-up: “Ghostbusters (2016)”

Most In Need of a Sequel
“The Nice Guys”

Most Likely Unnecessary Sequel
“Now You See Me 3”


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